Kitchen waterproofing


A house becomes a sweet home when then women of the house is happy.  Women spend most of their time in kitchen. Cleanliness of kitchen is a promising and tedious work for every woman. If the kitchen is not well waterproofed (kitchen waterproofing) women find difficult to work in it.

Kitchen waterproofing if done perfectly can add great valueto your property.No women want’s a broken kitchen.

We provide different services and methods for kitchen waterproofing.

Some major kitchen waterproofing methods we provide are:

  • Traditional method – Cement Concrete method
  • Liquid waterproofing membrane
  • Crystalline method
  • Building of false ceilings and surfaces

Traditional method – Cement concrete method

In this method the pipes are concealed into the cement concrete layer. Layer upon layer are added of cement and concrete. The biggest problem of this method is that entire cement concrete structure has to be broken down in case of water leakages.

It’s low cost method and durability is short.  

Liquid waterproofing method.

In this waterproofing method a polymer-based liquid mixed with adhesive is sprayed or painted on the surface. Different base materials can be used like polymer, bituminous, etc.

This method is easy to implement and can be performed by anyone at home. The durability is not very long and it’s not a 100% waterproofing method. Can be used for small spot leakages

Crystalline method

This is one of the best method when it comes to 100% waterproofing and flexibility. In this method the power is used and mixed with concrete. The power contains crystals and other materials that grow using the water present inside the concrete resulting into crystallization process.

New made kitchens mostly used crystalline method. In some cases the kitchens are broken down to rebuilt again in such cases this method works best.

Building false ceilings and surfaces

This kitchen waterproofing method was invented to overcome the problems of the traditional waterproofing method.

In this method, false ceilings and surfaces of cement concrete are created and then the pipe’s are installed between the gaps formed by the false ceiling surfaces. The biggest advantage of this method is that you don’t have to break your cement concrete surface, just break the false ceiling surface and do the repairs.

We hope this has helped you. For different services you can contact us. If you have any doubts or queries then please comment in the comment section.