Balconies waterproofing

A house with a balcony enhances the overall beauty of your property. Nowadays whether it’s a commercial building or a residential building they all come with balconies. Damaged balconies which include cracks, dripping water, moles, etc. can make your property look ugly and dull.

We provide different services and methods that will fully waterproof your balconies. Balconies waterproofing involve many methods. We use different methods as per the level of damage the balconies have.

We have found in many cases that waterproofing of balconies is not at all done or if done not done correctly. We have listed down some major method that we provide and have worked for many of your customer.

Some major balcony waterproofing methods are:

  • Sheet membrane method
  • Liquid membrane method
  • Pressure grouting method
  • Crystalline method

Sheet membrane method:

In this method we use different types of sheet membranes. These membranes are mostly made up of polymer, bitumen, asphalt, etc.

The sheet membrane can be applied on both positive and negative side of the surfaces. These sheets come with different sizes and thickness. They are glued on to the surface using high quality adhesive.

These sheet membranes block the water entering the concrete surfaces and also small channels that allow to form moisture inside the concrete.

Liquid membrane method:

In liquid membrane we use mixture of solvent-basedmaterials. These materials can be bitumen, polymer, etc. Epoxy is used as an adhesive material.

Some balconies come with different structural surface designs which cannot be waterproofed using the sheet membrane method in such case liquid membrane method is used.

The liquid membrane is applied using brush, spray, roller, etc. It’s for small spot leakages.

Pressure grouting method:

Pressure grouting method mainly contains materials like Polyurethane and Epoxy. Mixture of this material is injected into the cracks.

Cracks are majorly found in balconies as these surface’s are high exposed to different temperature changes. The material polyurethane is highly elastic which expands and contracts along with surfaces during temperature change.

Crystalline method

This is one of the best method when it comes to 100% waterproofing and flexibility. In this method the power is used and mixed with concrete. The power contains crystals and other materials that grow using the water present inside the concrete resulting into crystallization process.

New made properties mostly used crystalline method. In some cases the balconies are broken down to rebuilt again in such cases this method works best.

We hope this information has helped you. You can contact us for different services that we offer. Any doubts or question please comment below in comment section.