Bitumen Waterproofing

The Bitumen Waterproofing method is most used in commercial buildings and residential houses. In this method the waterproofing is done using either bitumen sheets or bitumen paint. Bitumen waterproofing method is an old traditional method of waterproofing.

The bitumen is a mixture of asphalt and coal tar. This is made up of highly sticky organic liquid material which has high viscous properties to it. This bitumen is also used to make the whole roof sheets or roof rolls.

The materials are easily available. Nowadays, there are bitumen membrane which are very thick and have high tensile strength, these are available in the market.

We recommend going for sheets or membrane over the traditional paint method.

There are serious drawbacks of bitumen waterproofing method. They are as follows:

  • Bitumen is combustible. It can catch fire in any case.
  • While applying hot bitumen paint there high are chances of getting respiratory disorders.
  • Exposure to extreme heat and UV rays can decrease the lifespan.
  • Bitumen is produced from crude oil is not highly sustainable.


The overall cost of bitumen waterproofing depends on material being used. Sheets or membrane can be found of high cost in some cases as per the quality. Bitumen waterproofing with paint is flexible but not recommended as it has short durability.

In some countries like US and Canada where bitumen rolling roofs are made there are some standards. ASTM(American Society for Testing Materials) is one such government organization which has some standards for bitumen-based roofing.CSA is for Canadian Standard Association.

We don’t recommend this method if you are looking for a long durable waterproofing. If you are low at budget, then go for this method. Also, we highly recommend for sheets, rolls or membrane over paint in any case.

We hope this information has helped you in deciding the best waterproofing method for you. If you have any doubts or queries you can contact us or comment in the comment section.

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