Bathroom waterproofing

Bathroom waterproofing involves waterproofing of the structural floor and the tiles of the bathroom. As the bathroom consists of many water pipes and the use of water is more in this area one should always ensure it’s perfectly waterproofed.

Bathroom waterproofing if overlooked can do more damages and can cause more money for repair than expected. So to stay on a safer side always perform periodic checks by professionals.

Bathroom waterproofing can be done using different methods. As per the requirement different bathroom waterproofing methods are adopted and used.

Traditional ways of bathroom waterproofing is no more used and new advance methods and products are used today. We highly recommend to use advance methods for your bathroom waterproofing.

The different bathroom waterproofing methods are:

  • Traditional showers
  • Waterproof sheet membrane
  • Liquid surface


Traditional showers

This is one of the oldest and most widely used method. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that it’s not full proof method. The durability is also not long enough. It’s a low cost method.

After certain time many have found that water gets soaked into the substrate which leads to growth of molds and cracks.

We don’t recommend this method.


Waterproof sheet membrane

In this waterproofing method thin sheet’s are place one above another. The membrane is made up of polymer and adhesive substances which gets glued on to the surface.

Expensive in cost and requires highly trained professionals to perform the whole process. The water gets blocked by the sheets. The water is not absorbed by the sheets. The only concern of this method is about the flatness of the surface after placing more than one sheets on the surface.

We highly recommend this method if you want to have 100% waterproof with long durability.


Liquid surface

This method easy to implement. A high quality liquid is sprayed or painted on the surface. The liquid when dried acts as a semi solid layer on the surface which blocks the water.

One can carry out the whole process without any professional help. This method ensure waterproofing for short time. It’s a low cost method.

We do not not recommend this method if you are looking for long durability. 

We hope this information has helped you to decide which method is best for you. For more information you can contact us or comment your questions below.

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