Crystalline waterproofing



We have talked about different waterproofing methods and the advantages, disadvantages about them. But we it comes to best method with minimal disadvantage then Crystalline waterproofing is the best.

This is a modern method and most widely used. It’s used from commercial building to residential homes and in industries.

The crystalline based material comes is dry powdered form which hydrophilic in nature. These crystals when mixed with the concrete starts to grow using the water inside the concrete. During the crystallization process these crystals align in three directional arrays. This closes the pathways to for the moisture that damages the surface leading to leakages and cracks.

Unlike other methods that involves application of membrane or liquid either to the positive or negative side of the surface this method involves application from inside the surface. The surface or the wall itself becomes a barrier which completely blocks the water.

There are many advantages of using this method. We have listed down some major advantage the crystalline waterproofing provides.

Advantages of using crystalline waterproofing are:

  • Highly flexible. Can be used roofs and decktop’s where other methods won’t work.
  • Availability of material is not an issue and can be shipped from one place to other as it’s in powdered form.
  • No VOC or other harmful chemicals used.
  • Labour cost is less as compared to other.
  • It’s a permanent solution.
  • It’s fast, consumes less time.

With so many major advantages we highly recommend crystalline waterproofing method.

Only the structures which have heavy movement cannot used this method. This method fails if there is high movement of structure or surfaces.

There are many techniques that are used for application of this method. Some major techniques used are:

  • Dry shake method technique.
  • Admixture method technique.
  • Brush on method technique.

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