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Leaking of foundation due to improper waterproofing or no waterproofing can cause major and serious damage to the property. If overlooked, you may need to spend high amount of money. We highly recommend to fully waterproof your foundation as it’s the major part your property. Foundation waterproofing should be done only by professional service providers. Best foundation waterproofing in Chandigarh

The major warnings signs of weak foundation are:

  • Soil shifting and soil surface dampening
  • Sagging floors and warped surface ceilings
  • Bulking of walls
  • Doors and windows seems to be jam.

If one sees the above signs then it’s an alarming call to you and one should check the foundation condition from an expert. There are other factors that lead to this kind of warning signs.But don’t worry as we provide various solutions are per the seriousness of the problem.

There are different methods and products that we provided which will ensure that your foundation is full proof and strong.

There are major two types of foundationwaterproofing methods:

  1. External Waterproofing
  2. Internal Waterproofing

External Waterproofing:

In external waterproofing we apply thick membrane, spray, paint, mineral sealing slurries, high tech gels, etc on the positive side of the foundation. Different materials are composed of polymer, bitumen, etc

Internal Waterproofing:

In internal waterproofing we apply cement based high quality slurries and mortarmixtures. This method is used in serious case were the foundation is rebuilt or damaged area has to be repaired.

We highly recommend that you should do foundation waterproofing when the foundation is built because the internal waterproofing is the best way to ensure the foundation is fully waterproofed and strong.

In some cases the condition of the foundation is so bad that the entire foundation needs to be rebuilt.To rebuilt the foundation is a tedious and time consuming task.

With highly trained professionals and experience of more than couple of decades we are pioneers when it comes to waterproofing. All services we provide and tested. The material used are of high quality and of different grade/standards.

Contact us for the different services that we provide. If you have any doubts or queries you can contact us or comment in the comment section.

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