Concrete waterproofing


Concrete has natural properties of absorbing water into it. Also, concrete is porous which makes it difficult to withstand in many conditions. Concrete waterproofing is an important when you want a structure that is strong and leakage proof with concrete waterproofing solution.

We provided different waterproofing services and the methods we use are advance. In concrete waterproofing there are different method that we provide.

Some major concrete waterproofing services that we provide are:

  • Admixtures method.
  • Liquid applied membrane method.
  • Sheet membrane method.
  • Crystalline method.

Admixtures method:

This is a modern method and for past three decades it has been used. The admixtures are added to the concrete. This adding of admixture to the concrete turns the concrete itself into a barrier. The admixtures are not added to the positive or negative side of the concrete surfaces.

The admixture contains calcium hydroxide and water repellent’s which are also know hydrophobic. These chemicals different properties which help in concrete waterproofing.

We highly recommend this method.

Liquid applied membrane method:

In this method a liquid membrane is applied using a spray, brush or roller. The main chemicals used are base solvent these are urethane or polymeric asphalt.

These are added on the positive side of the surface. Successful application of it involves uniform thickness. This is flexible method for concrete waterproofing where membrane sheet won’t work.

Sheet membrane method:

Sheet membrane consist of polymer-based materials compounded with asphalt. The sheets when placed on the concrete surface provided high resistance to acidic chemicals that are present in the concrete. The biggest advantage this sheets are high tensile strength to the concrete surface area.

This is highly used method when it comes to concrete waterproofing. We highly recommend this method for concrete waterproofing.

Crystalline method:

This is a highly flexible method. A powdered based material is used and mixed with the concrete. This powder material is nothing but crystals that grow using the water that is within the concrete.

As the crystals grow inside the concrete they block the water and pathways for moisture that damage the concrete. This method does not involved any VOC’s or other harmful chemicals.

If you are looking for a full proof method, then we highly recommend this method.


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